Using AWS CLI, Launch AWS instance and attach EBS Volume

In this article, let’s deep dive into AWS CLI or Command Line Interface

Prerequisites :

📌 Install the CLI Software of AWS in Linux,..

$ curl "" -o ""$unzip
$ sudo ./aws/install

You can go through the website for more detail… Click HERE

📌 After installing software, check

$ aws --version

You will see similar output …

📌 Now configure the aws in your system … For this, you need to create IAM user in your AWS account … First login to your account, And go to IAM Service. Now create a new user by clicking on “ Add User “

Download the credentials file into your system,..

📌 Now run the below command :

$ aws configure

Now copythe access key ID and secret access key from credentials file which u have downloaded and paste one by one into console output …

Creating Key-Pair …

$ aws ec2 create-key-pair - key-name cli-key - output text > cli-key.pem

U can also check using AWS web UI .

Creating Security group …

$ aws ec2 create-security-group --group-name task-cli --description allow-ssh-icmp

check using AWS web UI.

Now create rules which allows “SSH” and “ICMP”

$ aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress - group-name task-cli - protocol icmp - port -1 - cidr $ aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress - group-name task-cli - protocol tcp- port 22- cidr

check using AWS webUI .

Launching new instance…

$ aws ec2 run-instances \
> --instance-type <instance-type> \ # ex: t2.micro
> --image-id <image-id> \ # ex: ami-0e306788ff2473ccb
> --count 1 \
> --security-groups <name of the SG>\ # ex: task-cli
> --key-name <your key-name> # ex: cli-key

check using AWS web UI .

Creating EBS Volume…

$ aws ec2 create-volume \
> --volume-type gp2 \
> --size 1 \
> --availability-zone ap-south-1a

U will see the volume with available state .

Attaching EBS Volume

Now attach this EBS volume to the instance which we have created before,..

$ aws ec2 attach-volume \
> --volume-id <volume-id> \ # ex: vol-0e035469e737e8761
> --instance-id <instance-id> \ # ex: i-015c98656881da46b
> --device /dev/xvdh

U will see the EBS volume is attached to the instance .

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Thanks for reading !!!

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