Menu driven linux

  1. Yum
yum search <queryString>#other than root account
sudo yum search <queryString>
yum install <packagename>#other than root
sudo yum install <packagename>
$ls -l
grep [options]  [files]
-c : This prints only a count of the lines that match a pattern
-h : Display the matched lines, but do not display the filenames.
-i : Ignores, case for matching
-l : Displays list of a filenames only.
-n : Display the matched lines and their line numbers.
-v : This prints out all the lines that do not matches the pattern
-e exp : Specifies expression with this option. Can use multiple times.
-f file : Takes patterns from file, one per line.
-E : Treats pattern as an extended regular expression (ERE)
-w : Match whole word
-o : Print only the matched parts of a matching line,
with each such part on a separate output line.-A n : Prints searched line and nlines after the result.
-B n : Prints searched line and n line before the result.
-C n : Prints searched line and n lines after before the result.
systemctl [OPTIONS...] COMMAND [NAME...]
sudo useradd  <test_user>
sudo passwd <test_user>
fdisk [options] device
crontab [-u user] file
mount -t type device dir
vim /etc/fstab
# sudo pvcreate /dev/sdd /dev/sde /dev/sdf
# vgcreate vg1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1
sudo lvdisplay
# python3

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Lifelong learning technologies

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Arnab Saha

Arnab Saha

Lifelong learning technologies

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