Javascript integration with Docker

yum install httpd
systemctl disable firewalld
setenforce 0
systemctl start httpd
cd /var/www/html
gedit <file_Name>.html
function lw()

var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest();

xhr.onload=function (){
var output=xhr.responseText;

cd /var/www/cgi-bin
gedit <>
import cgi
import subprocess
import time
print("content-type: text/html")
print("Hello from backend")
o=subprocess.getoutput("sudo "+ cmd)
vim /etc/group
vim /etc/sudoers
chmod +x <file_name>.py
http://<IP Address>/<file_Name>.html

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Lifelong learning technologies

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Arnab Saha

Arnab Saha

Lifelong learning technologies

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