Industry Use Case of MongoDB

  • Drivers: Drivers are present on your server that are used to communicate with MongoDB. The drivers support by the MongoDB are C, C++, C#, and .Net, Go, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Motor, Ruby, Scala, Swift, Mongoid.
  • MongoDB Shell: MongoDB Shell or mongo shell is an interactive JavaScript interface for MongoDB. It is used for queries, data updates, and it also performs administrative operations.
  • Storage Engine: It is an important part of MongoDB which is generally used to manage how data is stored in the memory and on the disk. MongoDB can have multiple search engines. You are allowed to use your own search engine and if you don’t want to use your own search engine you can use the default search engine, known as WiredTiger Storage Engine which is an excellent storage engine, it efficiently works with your data like reading, writing, etc.

Working of MongoDB –

  • Application Layer and
  • Data layer

MongoDB Case Study: Intuit

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Lifelong learning technologies

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Arnab Saha

Arnab Saha

Lifelong learning technologies

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